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Dryer Fire

This Mooreville, MS customer had a loss that came from the dryer catching on fire. The customer’s wife put the fire out and drug the dryer outside so that... READ MORE

Emergency Roof Tarp Services Available 24/7

When a storm hits your Tupelo, MS home or business, you need help immediately. Our quick response will help prevent secondary damage and help reduce r... READ MORE

Trauma Scene Clean Up

Any type of bio hazard situation should be cleaned by a trained professional to limit cross exposure, have the proper vaccines, safety equipment and knowledge. ... READ MORE

Commercial Sewage Backup - SERVPRO of Tupelo Saves the Day

This business had a sewage backup in the lower level restroom. The damage went beyond the restroom, and damaged the entire lower level of the business. Our clie... READ MORE

Tupelo, MS Couples Returns Home From Vacation to a Disaster

After spending a few weeks away, this property owner came home to find water running and a collapsed kitchen ceiling. The water ran over the floor and into the ... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Nettleton, MS

Electrical fires can be a particularly scary occurrence because they can seemingly come out of nowhere! Because of this, they can sometimes be the most damaging... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom: Commercial Building in New Albany, MS

Water damage can sometimes be hard to detect, and when this is the case, the damage can be fairly severe. Although the migration of the water in the before pict... READ MORE

Water Damages: Saving Your Floors

Prolonged exposure to water damage can cause very severe warping over time to your hardwood floors. This is why it is crucial to discover any possible leaks tha... READ MORE

Goodbye Kitchen Cabinets

In older homes, the interior plumbing can of course, cause issues as the years go by. For this customer, she found out that there were leaks in the pipes under ... READ MORE

Open Ceiling in Fulton, MS

A storm can be devastating for homes in the Fulton,MS area. A storm can cause a lot of damage to roofs, windows, and even inside your home. A roof leak, if left... READ MORE